So it feels like I totally abandoned my blog there for a second but I am back! Its been hectic, too much to do…

While I was away I got to work on some exciting projects and as always learned a whole lot in the process. One of the projects that I got to work on was the design and  building of

HHABC according to their about page began as an attempt to salvage what we felt was the misuse and abuse of the culture that we pride ourselves for being a part of, the respect we have for the culture and the constant fight to preserve it for the generations to come. HHABC embodies the concept of a Hip-Hop “Utopia” which is, for whatever its worth, a representation of an ideal destination for those that enjoy the culture and appreciate what it has to offer and more.

I think its an awesome forum because as a lover of hiphop I always have a hard time finding content that doesnt contain, scantily clad women and the bling lifestyle! I want to know about real hip hop, and I this is the pulse of hip hop! Kudos to the team over at for creating a platform that is shows and reflects the real on this culture.

In addition to hiphop info the site offers a variety of informative and entertaining articles with topics ranging from sports, health, fitness, events etc


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