Vacation Day 1 – Naivasha-Kenya

I began a 3 week safari around Kenya with a friend of mine from Atlanta along with a wonderful tour guide by the name of Edmond. He was introduced to me by a friend, and turned out to be the best find in Kenya. If you are ever in Kenya call him at 072-144-4315 for awesome rates, wonderful adventures and i must not forget to mention he was punctual each time.

Pictured below is one of the oldest if not the oldest church in Kenya built by Italian POW during World War 2 located on a road that runs along the escarpment on your way to Naivasha.

Our journey began in Nairobi at around 12 noon starting out from Westlands. It was about an hour and a half to our first destination which was Naivasha. It is a town located south of Nairobi. We stopped at a local Nyama Choma (meat griled on an open fire – a staple in Kenya) at a place called Delamare that serves as a out door open air restaurant. After a scrumptious lunch, we got back on the road and headed to Lake Naivasha Resort.

Upon arrival on the grounds, the first thing that takes your breath away is the tastefully manicured gardens. We were interested in taking a boat ride around Lake Naivasha and nothing could have prepared us for the amazing scenery.We got on a 8 seater boat and our first stop was bird watching Weavers, Marubu Stork, to name a few all which are indigenous birds of Naivasha.

We continued around the lake where we saw hippos of all ages which I must say were amazing.We spotted a dead baby hippo about 19inches long floating on the water and the boat captain explained to us that the fathers kill new born males and that it was probably a first time mom. He explained that hippos typically go away to birth and nurse their young ones to protect their males from the fathers and bring them back when they are strong enough to face their fathers. I thought that was worth mentioning.

Our next stop was Crescent Island where we got to get off the boat and walk with giraffes, zebras, wild beasts, water bucks, and impalas. For those who have watched the movie Out of Africa, this was the location where they shot the movie. It is nothing short of paradise (which happens to be the name of part of the island). When the movie was shot, they brought in some animals not indigenous to the area from Tsavo and then returned them after shooting which is why in the movie you will see animals that do not reside in this geographical region. I digress…

It was breathtaking walking 3-4 feet from giraffes wild beasts etc and we took pictures and had an awesome tour guide who though a little tipsy, knew where to find all the herds so in about 30 minutes we got up close and personal with each group found here.

We got back on the boat and completed our tour of Lake Naivasha with feeding birds fish provided to us on crescent island by our guide. It was really cool because the captain calls for the birds attention as it is perched on a tree, and once he throws the fish in the water the bird swoops in for the kill.

Our boat ride came to an end after about 1.5 hours and we got on the road once more to our hotel / campsite. We initially wanted to camp but decided against it because we were short on some supplies.

We stayed at the Fish Eagle Inn which has cottages, rooms and camping grounds. A few tuskers (kenyan beer) and a aasai steak for dinner we were ready to call it a night and get ready for the next adventure which would be a drive to Nakuru and then Kisumu.


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