about me

So this should be interesting. I have never been a fan of writing much, but working from home has me wanting to give this a go more, and more each day so here goes – lets see where this leads.

Who am I? Can anyone really definitively answer this questions in words? I think that who I am changes so often, and I can never really say I am…or this is who I am. The only way I know how to put it in writing is to say, I am Nyandia Kamawe, a Woman (I wear this like a badge of honor).

Maybe this would be a good time to mention that I even have a tattoo that says WOMAN in japanese and you can see it here (my tattoo). I got it done not too long ago at City of Ink in Atlanta which is where I live. So there is another about me detail!

So, in addition to being a woman, I am a daughter of two very strong, interesting, beautiful, Kenyan parents who have steered me to be who I am. I am a sister to another strong, beautiful, African woman, and two wonderful, handsome, strong, protective brothers. For my family I will lay my life down. (Not to sound dramatic or anything, but, I will, go hard for this bunch right here, and I live life everyday without a doubt that they have my back, and when I am weak and have no back they are my back.)

Hmmmm….I think I am starting to sound interesting to myself who knew! Lol!

I am an artist by profession with a bachelor of fine arts degree in graphic design from Art Institute of Atlanta.  This might be the moment I should say that I miss school! Never thought I would ever say that but…I do.

I currently own my graphic design company that I run from home, I volunteer and teach a hand made greeting cards class once a week at a Fulton county senior center, and I also mentor young girls from 9-17rs old through an organization called Elect Ladies. I also recently started a clothing line (thirty3sevenTee6 – which represents my birthday. I know, I know, how vain is that but hey, a good thing happened that day, I was born!!) that is in development but we started with t-shirts and it will become a full line in the course of the next few months.

OMG! I am going on, and on about me, but I guess that is the purpose of this excercise but I think this will suffice for now! Ciao see you on my blog pages!


15 thoughts on “about me

  1. you sound more like a writer.i think you just inspired me to writing about me.kind of get out of the shell. I can tell it made you feel good.keep on mama.

  2. Very Brilliant…..love the clothing line project…pls u can be guaranteed i will be wearing it. You inspire me and many others. Many blessings gal. So proud of your art work and touch of magic.

  3. Hey,

    great story there… i think i know you better now! so when are you lines coming to Kenya(Nyumban)??lol great things are happening here(Kenya) and you should also be featured!!

  4. Hi Nyandia,

    Just love everything about you. I admire your work I am into fashion and clothing. I read that you mentor young girls. Do you mentor people who would like to start their own clothing line, because that’s what I want to do. Based in the London, England, just like you would like something that incorporates our Kenyan culture (I am a Kenyan!). Would love to here from you. Keep up the good work. Jane

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